How to Create a Quiz from Scratch

Video Tutorial:


If you already know what questions you want to ask, you can create a quiz from a blank template.

  1. In the Dashboard, click New Quiz.
  2. Enter your quiz name first, and choose whether your quiz will be General or Scored.  (You cannot change this after, so make sure you choose correctly!) Then, click Create from Scratch.
  3. Choose a theme for your quiz. Use the Preview button over the theme card to see how it looks, and when you’ve found one you like, click Select. When a theme is selected, it will be indicated below the theme card.

NOTE: If you have a Commercial license, you can also choose to show the Powered by Quizitri logo on this screen.

Now your quiz is created, and you can start editing. Click Save often, and click Preview to see how your quiz will look. Choose from the options in the left hand menu to set up your quiz.

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