How to Branch Questions

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Branching questions means using logic to direct your respondents' journey. Imagine your quiz is a tree: your respondents travel up the trunk, but take different paths down different branches depending on their answers.

This means your questions don't have to be asked in order, and respondents don't have to see all questions: you can let respondents skip or go back to questions at any point during the quiz. This is great for discovering pain points and, combined with an autoresponder integration, is a powerful tool for segmenting leads.

  1. In the Dashboard, click New Quiz or click to edit an existing quiz.
  2. Click Questions in the left hand menu.
  3. First, enter all your questions as normal, even the ones you want certain respondents to skip over.
  4. Next, click a question you want to branch. In the Answers field, choose the next question you want the answer to redirect to from the dropdown.
  5. Do this for each question where you want to add a branch. Click Save.
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