How to Set Up Outcomes

Video Tutorial:


 An outcome is the result your respondents see when they complete your quiz. Outcomes are different to set up depending on whether your quiz is General or Scored. If your quiz type is General, you’ll be able to add text-based or image outcomes. If your quiz type is Scored, you’ll be able to choose different outcomes based on point ranges.

  1. Create a new quiz, or click to edit an existing one.
  2. Click Outcomes in the left hand menu.

General Quizzes

Add an outcome, add a title and description, and enable social sharing if you want your respondents to be able to share their results to Facebook.

Scored Quizzes

Add an outcome, and choose the point range you want respondents to hit in order to generate that outcome. You can add a title, description, and enable social sharing.

With scored quizzes, you can also display the scores using shortcodes.

[[score]] - displays the respondent’s score, e.g. “You got [[score]]!”

[[maxScore]] - displays the maximum score they could have gotten, e.g. “You got [[score]] out of [[maxScore]]!”