Quiz Tutorial: Trivia Quiz



In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a Trivia quiz. Trivia quiz is a kind of quiz where you ask people questions then give them a score at the end. These quizzes are great as content pieces for your web page and you can use them as pre-sales materials or as lead gen.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Create a new Quiz and give it a title.
  2. Select ‘Scored’ in Quiz Type. Then create from scratch and pick a theme.
  3. In the Capture Form dashboard, toggle ON ‘Lead Capture’.
  4. Select  ‘Integration Type’. Click here to learn more. Edit your  header and description. (though in this tutorial we will just leave he default information)
  5. Then set up the Outcomes.  You can create as many outcomes as you want depending on the questions you have. We only have two(2) questiona so we are going to use two(2) outcomes: one(1) for the correct answer and one(1) for the wrong answer.Set score interval for two outcomes. See here on how to create outcome
  6. Next, toggle ON ‘Start Page’ and then add title, description and Call-to-action.
  7. From the Question dashboard, add your questions. See this guide on how to add questions. And now publish your quiz.
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