How to Create a Scored Quiz

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A scored quiz is one where the outcome is measured in a range of points, like a trivia quiz or a pass/fail quiz. Here's how to make one.

  1. In the Dashboard, click New Quiz.
  2. Enter your quiz name first, and choose Scored from the dropdown menu.  (You cannot change this after, so make sure you choose correctly!) If you want to customize one of our pre-written quizzes, click Select next to the one you want. Or, click Create from Scratch.
  3. Choose a theme for your quiz. Use the Preview button over the theme card to see how it looks, and when you’ve found one you like, click Select. When a theme is selected, it will be indicated below the theme card.

Now your quiz is created, and you can start editing. Click Save often, and click Preview to see how your quiz will look. Choose from the options in the left hand menu to set up your quiz.


This is where you configure each outcome of your quiz based on point ranges.

  1. Click to add a new outcome. Click the outcome to edit.
  2. Set the score interval for this outcome. This is the number of points respondents need to score to generate that outcome, e.g. for a five-question pass/fail quiz, 0-3 would be a fail, and 4-5 would be a pass.
  3. Choose whether your outcome is a Text Builder, or Redirect URL. Text Builder lets you type in your own outcome, and Redirect URL lets you take your respondents to another page when they generate the outcome.
  4. Set the title and description of the outcome, and enable Social Sharing if you want to let your respondents share their results to Facebook.

You can also display scores using shortcodes. [[score]] will display the respondent’s score, and [[maxScore]] will display the maximum score they could have gotten. E.g., “You got [[score]] out of [[maxScore]]!”


Add questions by entering the query text and adding answers to choose from. Answers can be text based or images.

  1. Click Questions, then Add Question.
  2. Type in the question text and click to toggle whether you want the answers to be text-based or images.
  3. Type in an answer, or upload an image. Choose from the dropdown whether the answer is Correct (which adds a point to the respondents' score) or Incorrect (which adds zero). There can only be one correct answer per question.

NOTE: After you’ve entered all your questions, you can go back and add logic to segment respondents and customize their journey through the quiz. Click on any question, and choose the question you want respondents to see next by choosing it from the Next dropdown. Using logic you can  skip questions according to previous answers and increase the relevancy of your quiz.

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