How to Embed a Quiz in Wordpress

Video Tutorial:


Embedding your quiz in Wordpress is best done by creating a Page for your quiz, or editing an existing Page within Wordpress.

  1. While editing your quiz in Quizitri, click Publish in the left hand menu.
  2. If you need to complete more sections of your quiz, a message will remind you. If everything’s good to go, click Publish.
  3. Copy the HTML code to your clipboard.
  4. Log in to your Wordpress dashboard. Add a new Page, or click to edit an existing Page.
  5. Click to edit the page in Text mode. Paste your quiz HTML where you want it to appear.
  6. Click Preview to see how it will look, then click Publish or Update to save your changes.

NOTE: You need to republish your quiz every time you make changes, but your HTML code will always stay the same, so you don't need to update it after you share.