How To Add a CTA Button To an Outcomes Page



In Quizitri, you can now add Call To Action (CTA) buttons to your outcome pages so you can move your quiz-takers to the next stage of your funnel.

To do this:   

Go to My Quizzes from the left hand menu.

  1. Either create a new quiz or click to edit an existing quiz.
  2. On the left hand toolbar go to ‘Outcomes’.
  3. Click on the outcome you wish to add your CTA button too.
  4. Change the ‘Type’ to ‘Text Builder’.
  5. Click the ‘Enable CTA’ toggle to Enable a Call To Action.
  6. You can then add your CTA text and the link that you would like your prospect to be redirected to when the CTA button is clicked.

Please Note: You will need to repeat this process for each outcome page that you wish to have a CTA button on.

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