How to Integrate Zapier

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With Zapier, you can connect a wide array of third-party services and tools to Quizitri. Here's how:

  1. In the Dashboard, click Zapier in the left hand menu.
  2. Copy your API key to the clipboard.
  3. Open Zapier in a new tab, and log in. Click to create a new Zap.
  4. Search the apps and select Quizitri. Choose whether you want your trigger to be New Form Submission or New Form Submission from a Specific Quiz.

  5. Click Continue, then Sign In to Quizitri. A new window will open. Paste in your API key, and click Continue.

Once you have connected Quizitri to Zapier, you'll be able to carry on making your zap.

Please note: We send the following submission fields to Zapier:

quiz: quiz name
datetime: datetime of the Submission in a standard Zapier format for datetimes
name: lead name
email: lead email
answers: answers array with answers’ names (for text answers) or answers’ images names (“Image 1” for the first answer image, “Image 2" for second, and so on)
outcome: outcome name (for general quizzes) or “Score interval: {from} - {to}” (for scored quizzes)
Sample trigger output:
"quiz": "Do You Know Your Real Estate Facts?",
"datetime": "2021-06-24T04:07:53+00:00",
"name": "John Doe",
"email": "",
 "answers": [
"When the mortgage is paid off",
"15 Weeks",
"New Jersey"
 "outcome": "Score interval: 0 - 2"
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