How to Set Up Autoresponder Integrations

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Please Note: If you signed up for Quizitri in or after August 2021, then you will not have this option but will instead have to use Zapier. You can see how to do this here:

Integrating your autoresponder lets you add respondents to your lists, segment by outcome and capture leads with your quizzes.

  1. In the Dashboard, click Integrations in the left hand menu. Click Add Integration.
  2. Choose your autoresponder service, and click Create New. Enter a name for this integration – it doesn't have to be your username, it's just so you can identify it in the list. For example, Mailchimp1 or Mailchimp2.
  3. Click Connect Account. You'll be taken to your autoresponder's login page. Enter your credentials, and log in.

If everything's gone right, you'll see a success message and you'll be able to configure your list options by editing your quizzes.

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