Troubleshooting: Lead Capture Does Not Show When Turned On


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When You Set Your Quiz to Capture a Lead, But the Lead Capture Does Not Appear on your Live Quiz:

In Quizitri, you are able to capture your quiz-takers name and email prior to showing your quiz-taker their quiz outcome.  To learn more about how to set up lead capture, please refer to these videos:

However, you may find, that even though you toggled the 'lead capture' setting to on, that the lead capture message will not appear as intended before giving your quiz-taker their outcome.

Troubleshooting- Check to Ensure You Have a Form Integration Connected:

If you are not seeing the lead capture message appear when the setting is toggled on, please ensure that you have a form integration connected to your Quizitri account.  If you have the 'lead capture' setting toggled on, but no form integration connected, Quizitri will not know where to send the lead capture information, and therefore will not show the lead capture message on your quiz until a form service is connected into your account.

If you do not have either an HTML or API integration set up to your Quizitri account, you will need to connect to one of these, before the lead capture message will appear on your quiz. 

New Quizitri accounts currently offer HTML form integrations.

And if you have owned Quizitri account prior to August 2021, you may have the option to connect an API form integration:

Once you have a form service integrated into your Quizitri account, republish your quiz, and the lead capture message should then appear to your quiz-taker prior to then being able to view their outcome.  If you are still experiencing any issue, please reach out to our support desk.

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